Can You Really Find A Fuck Buddy At Adult Dating Sites?

I had never really considered adult dating sites until recently. Since the local economy collapsed and I lost my job, I found it hard to hook up with random chicks without hitting the bars first, and even that seemed to be a task. I figured it was time to find a quick confidence boosting fuck buddy to get my spirits back up. I mean, when you aren’t constantly banging chicks you get all nervous and shit when talking to them which makes it even harder to get some ass.

But check this out, contrary to popular belief, I signed up and have been banging tons of hot bitches! Here’s what happened.. Oh, before we get started, here are some motivational pictures of the recent fuck buddies I have been hooking up with lately. Yes, believe it or not, these bitches are hot and DTF! (Down To Fuck)

My Fuck Buddy Jen My Fuck Buddy Rosa My Fuck Buddy Taryn
(As you can see I have a thing for Brunettes! I am fucking these bitches almost daily.)

Here Is How It Happened:

I had always seen these adult dating ads online but never paid them much attention. Then I started working with this fat slob of a “man” who would constantly brag about how much ass he was getting. As any of us would, I called out what I thought to be his bluff. He whipped out his camera phone and started showing me pictures of the girls he had fucked recently. I was shocked!! They weren’t the hottest chicks around, but damn if he could do it, it should be easy for a good looking guy like myself to pull some tail.

So I just had to pick this guys brain and find out his secret recipe for sex. We went out to catch a few drinks and after pounding a few down I had noticed he hadn’t talked to any of the women around us. I asked why? He said because that isn’t his style, he is far too nervous to break the ice in person. Then how the hell are you doing it?? Easy. He pulls out his mobile phone and punches Fling Dating into his browser. After logging in it brought up tons of local sluts, showing off their goods, begging to get fucked. Too good to be true right? That is what I thought.

What?! It can’t be that easy can it?? Apparently it is. He shows me more of the girls he is banging and sends out like 10 messages to new girls who were local. Within about 20 minutes he had a response from one girl who was willing to meet us at the bar. So she shows up, not a 10 or anything but she had a banging body. 30 minutes of talking or so and they were off to his apartment. I was left at the bar solo and in shock.

Here Is What I Found Once Inside:

I race home to try this out for myself. I signed up for a few sites not really expecting all that much and within the hour I was already flirting with some sluts that seemed DTF. Now, since I was looking for my confidence boosting fuck here I did not pick the hottest ones on the site (believe it or not there are some HOT ones), but rather picked some averages girls figuring I would have a better chance. Oh was I right! I imagine I was one of the few “normal” guys on there and girls ate it up!

Not only did the majority of the girls I contacted reply, but quite a few actually contacted me on their own! They waste no time in getting to the point either..these girls just want to get it on!

In the first 2 days I already got laid! I hardly even tried. So this chick hits me up, I respond, and the next thing I know she is asking me to come over. Believe it or not within 20 minutes of getting there she was already sucking my dick! As we parted ways, she made sure I knew she was not looking for anything serious. WOW! These adult dating sites are the greatest blessing to mankind!

I told her I respected that and also felt the same way, not wanting a relationship, and from there our deal was sealed.

This was a month ago. Since then I have fucked 5 other girls! After my first confidence boosting run it was easier than ever. I guess that is really what I needed because now I have my own little techniques I use that seem to reel the ladies in! Of course now I am going after the hotter ones (as pictured above) and having success with them as well. I am building a list of fuck buddies that I can call anytime I want for some good ole no strings attached sex.

I figured it was my duty as a man to spread the awareness to as many dudes as possible considering this is the easiest sex I have ever gotten. As a man who was sexless for quite some time I feel as though it would be wrong to keep all of this info to myself.

Now For The Goods:

During the past month I have tried a handful of these sites and some are definitely in a league of their own. I will list the ones which I had the most success on because you are likely to have the same success. The number one being the original site that my creepy friend from work suggested to me.

When you sign up, be respectful and don’t jump out and say “I WANT TO FUCK YOU IN THE ASS!”. Keep your weird fetishes on the down low for your initial contact and move into that later, this is one big thing that will separate you from the weirdos on the site and get you laid!

Oh and trust the fact that you are about to be blown away at how real this truly is! Just make sure to post some photos of yourself and keep your crazy fetishes off of your profile.

Do that and these ladies will see that you’re a somewhat normal guy who just wants to get his dick wet and they will be all over you! The best part likely wont even have to message them..because if done correctly your inbox will light up from them contacting you first.

Oh and the best part.. setting up a profile is free and doesn’t require a credit card. Just make sure you have pictures or you’ll come off as some creep or fake and none of the girls will message you. The paying part comes in if you want to message the girls back. So sign up for free first and see what kind of ladies start contacting you. Though paying isn’t bad because it kinda forces you to get the ball rolling and start fucking, lol! Plus, what man in their right mind wouldn’t throw a couple of bucks at a nice piece of ass? In the long run it turns out to be MUCH cheaper than having a girlfriend right?? You’ll see though, go create a few free profiles and watch the magic happen.

Trust me, this stuff DOES work, here are some additional pics for motivation!

Me And My Main Fuck Buddy Me And My Fuck Buddies



Good luck and POST YOUR PICTURES in the comments!

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2 comments on “Can You Really Find A Fuck Buddy At Adult Dating Sites?

  1. Damn bro thanks for the inspiration. I would have never thought this would work. I have managed to pull two hunnies so far and my confidence is growing so I predict more in the future.

    Just wanted to give credit where credit was due. Props to putting this out there!

  2. who knew!! wow thanks a lot man for your help. i had signed up to sites previously but had no success. you convinced me to give it another try and this time it actually worked!!

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